A couple of years ago, I was one of the people, thinking that France is all about Paris and Riviera. It was before I met with another face of France. Midi-Pyrenees and UNESCO World Heritage areas. If you admire the old world, thousand years old building, sites… you should visit these places.

Do fairy tales breathe only in stories, times left far behind, or places never existed?

Time will come and these times would be far behind…

And this places would wither away, as if they never existed before…

Photos and article: Senem Peace

South of France, even though brings Medditerranean, romantic beaches and wealthiness to mind, is an important stronghold for world heritage. The footprints of past lays from Prehistoric caves to Medieval towns in this mistical territory. Standing between Atlantic and Medditerranean, South of France carries a generous nature, where the cool breeze from Pyrenees and Spanish sun meet.

Midi-Pyrenees / Aveyron / Conques / France – Photo: Senem Peace
Midi-Pyrenees / Dordogne Valley / France – Photo: Senem Peace
Midi-Pyrenees / Dordogne Valley / France – Photo: Senem Peace

South of France is one of the best destinations for the ones, who love to make road trips also. Especially curved woodland roads through the valleys offers amazing driving experience. While driving through the nature, get ready for a village pupping up with it’s unspoilt texture and taking your breath away.

Midi-Pyrenees / France – Photo: Senem Peace
Midi-Pyrenees / Dordogne Valley / France – Photo: Senem Peace
Midi-Pyrenees / Dordogne Valley / France – Photo: Senem Peace

When you drive away from the coast to inside France, you step into an unspoiled land of history, a setting of a fairy tale. The narrow streets reminds you the story books you’ve read about Medieval. Some details in the timeless images all around, which seems like belonging to your own life, bears you dreaming.


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