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Spain. A heaven, where the generous sun meets with Mediterranean Sea. A hideaway, where the aura that wriggles you in joy, is surrounded by delicious food and friendly people. A sanctuary, where the art and pleasure for life gathered.

All these are the reasons for the inner voice, which always keeps me calling for back to Spain again. A soon as you enter the country, the hot weather and the friendly environment welcome you.

costa brava-codeques
Spain – Costa Brava – Cadaques     Photo: Senem Peace

There are amazing places to visit in Spain, but in this article, I would like to tell a little about Costa Brava, not been spotlighted a lot.

costa brava5
Spain – Costa Brava – Cadaques – Port Lligat   Photo: Senem Peace

Barcelona could be one of the most artistic cities in Europe, or Ibiza could be the queen of the nigh life, but there is a place, which will satisfy the ones, looking for a much more calm journey. Away from the crowds, touristic but unspoiled… It is Costa Brava.

Costa Brava, where lays on the north east, is in Catalan region. The coasts, cool bright sea and humble nature, recall me the mythical Aegean, somehow. The coolness of the sea is because of the underwater streams from the hills approaching to the coasts, just like in Aegean bays. It feels like a oasis, when you tired of the desirous sun.

costa brava6
Spain – Costa Brava    Photo: Senem Peace

Driving through the hills, your eyes catch many hidden bays. Some can not be reached by car. You see the yachtes anchored, whom enjoying the silence and isolation. There might be possibilities for hiring yatches to visit these bays. We did’nt try, as road trip is our thing…

costa barava-roses
Spain – Costa Brava – Roses   Photo: Senem Peace

Roses is one of the options for accomodation, if you’re making a road trip and want to rest. It is between Barcelona and France border. The problem is, it looks modern and spoiled. It is quite away from being a Spanish fisherman village, that still reserves the historic texture, but the restaurants offer delicious meals. And in the morning, this was my view from the hotel room. Not bad, is’nt it?

Spain – Costa Brava – Cadaques – Portlligat Museum   Photo: Senem Peacebasr

One place you should visit in Costa Brava is in Cadaques. Salvador Dali, lived there from 1930 to 1982, till his epic love Gala Dali’s death. Today the Portlligat House is a museum, exhibiting Dali’s works and inspiring about the surrealist master’s life. I should warn you, it might be the most crowded place around here. But we tolerated that in sake of Dali.

costa brava2
Spain – Costa Brava – Cadaques   Photo: Senem Peace

After visiting Portlligat House, we had a walk around Port Lligat and Cadaques. It calms anybody’s soul, in despite of harsh sun. Box like white houses, making a dramatic contrast with bright dark blue sea. Ascent narrow paths, twisted roads suggesting surprising scenics of old buildings and the bright calm sea. The pictures you take, will satisfy you there.

costa brava3
Spain – Costa Brava – Cadaques    Photo: Senem Peace


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