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During my trips to France, always been surprised with the little medieval villages. ( Just like Saint-Cirq Lapopie. You can’t stop yourself taking pictures one after another. You want to absorb everything there, to keep it all in your mind all the time.

The medieval town of Saint-Cirq Lapopie is really one of the most beautiful historical villages in France. The villages history goes back to 13th century and got its name from the feudal Lapopie dynasty, one of the dominant families in the area. The families of Lapopie, Gourdon and Cardaillac shared the Fort of Saint-Cirq Lapopie in the Middle Ages. The Fort was abandoned by the lords after 16th century.

France – Lot Valley – Saint-Cirq Lapopie  Photo: Senem Peace

It’s not only the village that is beautiful, but also the “drive” to it. Driving towards the village, you are isolated, one side the river of Lot and the other side, the straight hills. Then suddenly you become amazed by the view of Saint-Cirq Lapopie, perched on the cliffs of the riverside.

A beautiful village hidden in the rich nature of France.

With its narrow streets, arcades and beautiful houses, Saint-Cirq Lapopie has an unspoilt texture of medieval. The first thing that catches my eye is the fortress. Below the fortress, the beautiful houses with stone and wood facades welcome visitors.

With in the narrow streets, there are small shops and restaurants. You have to try the deserts, believe me, you will regret it if you don’t.


After a walk in the narrow historic streets of the village, if it’s not that hot anymore and you’re still full of energy, try and climb the stairs to the ruins of the Fort. And do not forget, climbing up always comes with its benefit: The beautiful views.

When you reach to the highest part of the rock, where the Lapopie part of Fort was built, you will see the amazing view of Lot valley and the steep-sloped tile roofs of the village. It is a kind of view that keeps you alive, reminds you to be grateful of life. Not only the historic spirit, but also the nature, worth keeping the image of this view in your mind. That’s the place, where your camera will work more.

France – Lot Valley – Saint-Cirq Lopapie Photo: Senem Peace


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