Photos and article: Senem Peace

The gold, that alchemist were looking for, maybe not been found in the end, but this city is definitely “Goden”. The literature is dwelling everywhere. Its soul is made of art. And Its autoghraph is freedom.

Prague – Photo: Senem Peace

Yes, I am talking about the Middle Ages’s mystical city, Cold War’s espionage stronghold, today’s attraction center for travellers: Prague.

Why do Prague, attracts millions of people all around the world? Is it just because of the beautiful and well preserved buildings? Is it because of Kafka? Is it because almost all city, is belonging to UNESCO World Heritage?

All of these, of course, has part in that desire for visiting Prague. But I think the essence of the city attracts you most. The essence that blended free attitude for expression with art.

The Czechs like to express their point of view, for almost on everything. They are relaxed, self confident, brave, and talented enough to make you jealous. Besides Franz Kafka, many names including my favoritte ones Jan Saudek, Josef Koudelka are all from this beautiful city. And of course we should’nt forget David Cerny. His dinstictive works are all around Prague. The Piss Sculpture of him in Franz Kafka Museum’s garden is a good answer to how free expression could be in a humorous way. The other one in Lucerna Pasaz, a dead-upside down horse with a king on. It really surprises the ones who just passing through the passage, when it pups up from the ceiling. In real size.

Prague – Photo: Senem Peace

From Celtics to Slavs, the city has a very rich history, like its architecture. Gothic, Roman, Baroq… From Renaissance to modern styles… Almost all main European art streams can be seen in the city. Most of the buildings are covered with political or religious murals made by distinguished artists.

The strong feeling of medieval, covers the narrow streets of Prague, which had witnessed the secrets of the alchemists.

If the sun hides it self, the city puts on its gloomy and sorrowful face, you may thing it is mourning for all the pain Prague people witnessed. But when the sun shines, hope and joy conquers every corner.

Prague – Photo: Senem Peace

Karlov Most (Charles Bridge) with its statues, Mala Strana (Lesser Town) whose first establishment goes back to 8th century, Stare Mesto (Old Town) where you can sit and enjoy your cold Czeck beer while watching people walking around, Prazky Hrad (Prague Castle) the largest castle complex in the world, and Vitus Cathedral are the main touristic sites of Prague.

I advise you to wake up very early and start sightseeing the city, as it becomes very crowded after midday. And do not forget to take a boat trip on Vlatava River.

Kampa Island is a heaven for art lovers. After you had time in Kampa, take the funicular to Petrin Hill. You can walk through the stairs of the park too. Petrin Hill is one of the best places to watch Prague from a distance above, especially in sunset. Having a glass of wine watching the city is going to take all your tiredness of day.


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