Photo: Gareth Peace

It’s always been complicated for me to describe who I am, especially according to my professions, as they are more multifaceted. Photographer? Archeologist? Author? Editor? Blogger? Yes, to all, as at a time, I’ve been all…

I was born in İstanbul, in 1976. I graduated from Prehistory Department of Istanbul University and worked as an archeologist on excavations for about 5 years, on Balkan and Near East Neolithic sites. From 2001, I worked for various newspapers and magazines as a photographer, then from 2007, I started working in the Editorial Departments of various magazines as an Editor & Author. During that era of my life, I acquired my Master Desgree on Military History and Strategy, I admit, it was to satisfy a curiosity of mine.

Photography and discovering new places are my desires in life. I started a new life in the UK, with the love of my life, my husband, in 2016. Now become a family with the arrival of our son.

I want to enrich my life with experiencing things that will drive up my life energy, and share them with people around me. At the age of 41, I’m not there yet, but on the edge of it, what really matters in life gets much clear. And I am very lucky to find my match, whose passions intersect with mine.

What I aim with this blog, first of all, is to share my photographs and opinions about the places I’ve visited. And also time to time, try to share Art & Design from all around the world which catches my eyes. This would be any kind of interior, a charmfull design, a talented designer, or news about art…

Photography has always been a life style for me, beyond being my profession, again. I was introduced to it for the first time, when I was a student at Univercity. So, good images, are going to be Vonderlusta’s unchangeable attitude. For more photographs from my Portfolio, you can visit There will find a collection of my photography works.