Article: Senem Peace – Photographs: Hotel Villa Agustus

Could anyone believe, a castle like a water tower, could be turned into a charming accommodation space like that!

This 37 roomed hotel in Netherlands, Villa Agustus, is the reincarnation of that water tower.

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Van der Kloes himself designed the original Dordrecht water tower, the construction of which, started in 1881. It wasn’t very easy to build this monumental building, surrounded by economical difficulties and at the footsteps of war. Despite all the delays, in November 1883, officially, pure water flowed from the water tower to the houses in Dordrecht.

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Like it was then, today it is also the centre of attention, by it’s unavoidable beauty. The tower was called “the weeping tower” in the old days. Its attic, windows, brick walls are no longer weeping, but the castle like appearance is still attractive and it is a national monument today. The only water flowing on the fourth floor of the tower is the hot and cold running water of the luxury bathrooms in the beautiful hotel rooms.

The gentle hand of renovation saved this architectural marvel from the hard fist of demolition.

Now, not only the hotel Villa Agustus, but also it’s restaurant, gardens, greenhouses, made it a part of a unique Dutch garden of Eden.

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Today, there are 20 rooms in the water tower and 17 rooms in the garden. All the rooms are identical and have distinguished interiors. The design style varies, but one thing is common in all the spaces, it’s as comfortable as being at home.

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Some historical materials are also preserved. The panelling in the corridors and at the back of the beds are the timber from the original doors of the water tower.

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The restaurant of Villa Agustus is surrounded by a vegetable garden and serve organically grown foods as much as they can. There is also a Market-Café, near the entrance of Villa Augustus’ restaurant, where you can buy vegetables and fruits of the season, as well as home-made jam, olive oil, vinegar, etc. All these products are also used in Villa Agustus’s restaurant.