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Especially in the last decade, travelling became a hot topic all around the world.

Of course, to travel has always been something to be admired, and travellers were kind of heroes in times past. But today, after the rise of social media and easier access to cheaper travel, travelling became something not only to dream of, but also something reachable. Buying tickets for flights, booking for accommodation, communicating with people etc. is much easier and affordable now. It’s more appetising with all the pictures and posts that reach us through our mobile phones, laptops…

Now, lots of people have many experiences to share with others. And they share, share and share…

This might be seen as an overconsumption. But on the other hand, it shows us that travelling is a strong need, a desire. The demand for it is so big, that the possibility to become bored of it, is something very far. The world, still needs to be discovered.

İznik (Nicaea) – Photograph: Senem Peace

But, why is travelling so intriguing?

It might be the desire to ‘discover’, in a plain way. In a bad way, the instinct to conquer, which lays beneath our human genes. In a good way, the seeking of knowlegde, understanding who “we” really are. On the other hand, superficially, might be the need to say, “I was there” only, as we witness millions of tags and posts queering for that.

London – Photograph: Senem Peace

Whatever it is for, travelling makes us feel good. We find the opportunity to break the loop of our lives. This loop is not only our jobs, or our environment but also, all kind of routines. While travelling to new places, we step into a new life cycle of different people, different cultures, different climates. Witnessing different lives and dimensions on art, history, cousine, culture… all feeding our souls. Let us make the correlation between them and our lives, pointing the differences and similarities.

Also, we discover that, not only the similarities that make us closer, but also the differences.

Saint Petersburg – Photograph: Senem Peace


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