Article: Senem Peace

Project and images:

This villa, in the South of France, has a stylish Mediterranean appearance and lots of light, as it deserves in Cote d’Azur.


The villa lays near Mougins, which is in between glamourous Cannes and capital of Parfume, Grasse. The area has the esprit of Cote d’Azur, surrounded with lavender fields under the blue sky. Mougins is a home for gastronomy and arts of living. You can visit museums such as Gottlob and MACM Classic Art Museum, and many galleries & art workshops… In Mougins you can discover traditional cuisine and Cuisine from around the World.


The design project of this villa has been undertaken by London based interior design company Taylor Howes.



The 10.000 square feet villa also has a charming pool area with a football pitch, tennis courts and a vineyard.


Pastel tones and soft linens, with joinery pieces in pale oak and whitewashed timbers form the main characteristic of the interior.

The owners of the villa wanted a provincial style, an ideal fit for the serene surroundings. The brief of Taylor Howes was simple; to create a child friendly holiday home that was in keeping with traditional French style, but with all the modern amenities.


The clients have two young boys, so this family home was engineered towards growing children. Beautifully landscaped grounds, alive with fragrant lavender and featuring an impressive swimming pool and a small football pitch. Inside, a spacious ground floor playroom comes complete with a snooker table and bespoke sideboard, made with children in mind owing to its decorative handles fashioned into numbers.


Sandra Drechsler, the Creative Director of Taylor Howes, said that they avoided anything too silky because the house gets alot of sunlight, so they wanted to keep things fairly practical and not use materials that can fade. They also wanted to bring the outside in, as well as reference the seaside so they hung fish shaped dishes on the wall.