Photographs and article: Senem Peace (Headline image: Saint Tropez)

Travelling is a rising trend for the last decade. Of course it always had its charm, since the ancient times. But today it has different meanings. Such as; a newly risen type of communication or “stating a status”. All around us, almost everybody loves to travel. It is fun, it gives happiness and it makes us feel good.

Here are the 7 reasons, why travelling is good for our souls, and makes us feel happy.

Turkey – Babakale  Photograph: Senem Peace
  1. First of all, you break the loop, that makes you feel like you’ve been trapped. So, travelling feels like a fresh breathe, while you were in deep water.
  1. It is related to holiday. “Holiday” is packed up with “travelling” most of the times. Yes, holiday and travelling can be called as “soulmates”.
  1. Travelling comes with leaving your environment, meeting new people, touching new lives. This rises up the empathy and makes you feel whole, while understanding everybody is unique.
Hungary – Budapest  Photograph: Senem Peace
  1. Travelling is a start up. That’s why its material is wrapped up by courage. Once you open one door, it gets easier to open others.
  1. Being away from your routine and your safe environment, gives you an opportunity to see your life from a distance. That gives a better perspective to see what you really want, and what you don’t, in your life.
monte carlo
Monaco – Monte Carlo  Photograph: Senem Peace
  1. Travelling deepens your perception. Gives you a better interpretation of what’s “really” going on around the world. You see that, most of the time, the world is so different than what’s being shown. I admit, this doesn’t guarantee to make you happy. But definitely makes you wiser.
athena temple
Turkey – Assos Athena Temple  Photograph: Senem Peace
  1. Travelling is to communicate. Communication is almost everything today in our lives. It is the way to express ourselves. And we humans, have a great desire to “state”. State what we are, how we feel, what we do… Maybe, this is the way to say, “to be”…


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