Article: Senem Peace / Headline image: © National Gallery, London

Something great is about to happen in London this week. The National Gallery is going to teach art lovers, how to have a forensic eye. It is cool, isn’t it? The aim of this course is to make the attenders be able to distinguish art masters, just by examining their brushwork.


In some cases signature of the artist can be hidden, or can just be a scratch almost dissappeared. So, brushwork remained as the most important element in identifying. The brushwork, describes the characteristic of the painting. It’s like handwriting. Unique and can tell you who made it. While it helps to identify the artist, also gives clues about the emotions and the meanings of the artwork. The details, shading, skin tones, draperies etc. are also important in recognising the artist.

The course is going to be carried out on Thursday 21st July, between 10.30am–1pm, in Sainsbury Wing Conference Room 1. Art expert Dr. Chantal Brotherton-Ratcliffe is going to be in charge during the course, which is already fully booked.

In my opinion, these kind of courses should be more often, easily accessed and have to appeal to all art lovers. Art should be in our daily lives. Thanks to National Gallery.

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