The Myth of the Wizard: Alderley Edge

Article and photographs: Senem Peace

Sometimes the closest ones are the furthest! Have your ever kept saying to yourself that you’re going to visit “that” place, which is just a few hours from your home? The relief of having those places nearby, and the possibility to reach them whenever you want, gives a slackness. That’s true.

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A bit of English Nature: The Lake District

Article and photographs: Senem Peace


The Lake District in the Nortwest England is one of the most popular holiday destinations of UK. This national park is in the rural county of Cumbria, which is known by its attractions such as historical buildings, nature and preserved railways… Continue reading “A bit of English Nature: The Lake District”

The Land of Luxury & Wealth: Monaco

Photos and article: Senem Peace

After a long gap, I am starting to post new destinations on Vonderlusta. There’s so much added up on my hand for a while, but I could’nt manage myself to sort them out. Today I decided to start with Monaco; the land of nobility and wealth…

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7 reasons why travelling is good for our souls

Photographs and article: Senem Peace (Headline image: Saint Tropez)

Travelling is a rising trend for the last decade. Of course it always had its charm, since the ancient times. But today it has different meanings. Such as; a newly risen type of communication or “stating a status”. All around us, almost everybody loves to travel. It is fun, it gives happiness and it makes us feel good.

Here are the 7 reasons, why travelling is good for our souls, and makes us feel happy.

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Why travelling is so intriguing?

Photos and article: Senem Peace

Especially in the last decade, travelling became a hot topic all around the world.

Of course, to travel has always been something to be admired, and travellers were kind of heroes in times past. But today, after the rise of social media and easier access to cheaper travel, travelling became something not only to dream of, but also something reachable. Continue reading “Why travelling is so intriguing?”

Golden City Prague

Photos and article: Senem Peace

The gold, that alchemist were looking for, maybe not been found in the end, but this city is definitely “Goden”. The literature is dwelling everywhere. Its soul is made of art. And Its autoghraph is freedom. Continue reading “Golden City Prague”

Hidden town Saint-Cirq Lapopie

Photos and article: Senem Peace

During my trips to France, always been surprised with the little medieval villages. ( Just like Saint-Cirq Lapopie. You can’t stop yourself taking pictures one after another. You want to absorb everything there, to keep it all in your mind all the time. Continue reading “Hidden town Saint-Cirq Lapopie”

Gem of sun Costa Brava

Photos and article: Senem Peace

Spain. A heaven, where the generous sun meets with Mediterranean Sea. A hideaway, where the aura that wriggles you in joy, is surrounded by delicious food and friendly people. A sanctuary, where the art and pleasure for life gathered.

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France a fairy tale

A couple of years ago, I was one of the people, thinking that France is all about Paris and Riviera. It was before I met with another face of France. Midi-Pyrenees and UNESCO World Heritage areas. If you admire the old world, thousand years old building, sites… you should visit these places. Continue reading “France a fairy tale”

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