The Reincarnation of a Water Tower, Villa Agustus

Article: Senem Peace – Photographs: Hotel Villa Agustus

Could anyone believe, a castle like a water tower, could be turned into a charming accommodation space like that!

This 37 roomed hotel in Netherlands, Villa Agustus, is the reincarnation of that water tower. Continue reading “The Reincarnation of a Water Tower, Villa Agustus”


Get ready for Skarstedt’s new gallery in London

Headline image: David Salle (b.1952), Young Krainer, 1989 acrylic and oil on canvas with two inserted panels 84 x 104 1/2 in. (213.4 x 265.4 cm.) © David Salle Courtesy of Skarstedt

Besides the New York and London galleries, Skarsteld is now getting ready for it’s new art gallery in London. The new gallery is in -8 Bennet Street, St James’s- and the opening reception is going to be in 30th September. Continue reading “Get ready for Skarstedt’s new gallery in London”

Gallic comfort Chateau du Grand-Luce

Photographs: Eric Piasecki  &  Article: Senem Peace

A valley of chateaus, Loire Valley, is also a home for Chateau du Grand-Luce. 18th century chateau, were a ruin, since award winning designer Timothy Corrigan saw it for the first time in 2002. Continue reading “Gallic comfort Chateau du Grand-Luce”

Who I am?

Photo: Gareth Peace

It’s always been complicated for me to describe who I am, especially according to my professions, as they are more multifaceted. Photographer? Archeologist? Author? Editor? Blogger? Yes, to all, as at a time, I’ve been all… Continue reading “Who I am?”

Golden City Prague

Photos and article: Senem Peace

The gold, that alchemist were looking for, maybe not been found in the end, but this city is definitely “Goden”. The literature is dwelling everywhere. Its soul is made of art. And Its autoghraph is freedom. Continue reading “Golden City Prague”

Christie’s Picasso Ceramics auction

Headline image: Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) Vase gros oiseau vert (AR 453) White earthenware ceramic vase, partially engraved with coloured engobe and glaze. Height: 22.3/4 in. (57.7 cm.) Conceived in 1960 and executed in a numbered edition of 25

Article: Senem Peace

Till 28th June, collectors are going to have the opportunity to acquire Picasso Ceramics on Christie’s online auction. Continue reading “Christie’s Picasso Ceramics auction”

Hidden town Saint-Cirq Lapopie

Photos and article: Senem Peace

During my trips to France, always been surprised with the little medieval villages. ( Just like Saint-Cirq Lapopie. You can’t stop yourself taking pictures one after another. You want to absorb everything there, to keep it all in your mind all the time. Continue reading “Hidden town Saint-Cirq Lapopie”

Basel magnetized the world of art

Headline image: Tucci Russo Studio

Article: Senem Peace

Over 4,000 artists from, presented by 286 galleries from across the world, exhibited their modern and contemporary artworks in Art Basel. Between 16-19 June, from historical masterpieces to the work of the newest generation of artists been reached to the art lovers. Continue reading “Basel magnetized the world of art”

Old world’s luxury Chateau Gutsch

Article: Senem Peace

The Chateau Gutsch is one of the iconic buildings of Lucerne in Switzerland. In the past times, it’s been a holiday destination for Queen Victoria and now it is a vivid boutique hotel recalling the history. Continue reading “Old world’s luxury Chateau Gutsch”

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